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At Ion Hygienics, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner, dedicated to the care and cleanliness of your workplace, home, properties, and most importantly, your valued clients. With unwavering expertise, meticulous diligence, and unimpeachable integrity, we’ve been setting the standard in hygiene since 2005.

Ion Hygienics is a long-established leader, proudly serving an extensive clientele of over 500 satisfied customers. Our broad spectrum of specialties includes office spaces, commercial buildings, medical practices, educational institutions, childcare centers, restaurants, and strata properties.

At Ion Hygienics, your satisfaction and the quality of our service take precedence. We believe that cleaning and hygiene should be effortlessly hassle-free for you. Our cutting-edge system, unmatched expertise, tireless diligence, and unwavering integrity combine to deliver an unparalleled sense of trust and excellence in cleaning services that you can rely on.




    At the core of our cleaning services is a meticulous and stringent management team that leaves no room for compromise. With 15 years of invaluable experience and a commitment to excellence that only strengthens with time, we have honed our expertise to set the highest industry standards. Our management team, driven by a passion for delivering unparalleled service, ensures that every project reflects our dedication to quality. Our team of top-quality cleaners brings a wealth of experience, ranging from three to ten years, ensuring that your spaces are entrusted to seasoned professionals. This depth of knowledge allows us to tackle diverse cleaning challenges with efficiency and finesse, delivering results that speak to the collective mastery of our skilled team. Underpinning our success is a strict quality assurance system, guaranteeing that every cleaning task, big or small, adheres to the uncompromising standards we’ve set over our extensive tenure.


    What sets us apart is not just our years of experience or our stringent quality control measures, but our unwavering commitment to second-to-none customer service. Beyond delivering spotless environments, we prioritise your satisfaction with responsive communication and personalised solutions. Choose a cleaning service that not only boasts a rich history but also a present-day commitment to excellence and customer care that remains second to none in the industry.


    Compregensive srange of cleaning services

    Child Care Centres

    Revitalise your space with our carpet steam cleaning services, bringing a new level of freshness and cleanliness to every fiber.

    Medical Practices

    Trust in the hygiene of your medical space with our expert medical centre cleaning services, ensuring a clean and safe environment for patients and staff alike.


    Promote a clean and safe learning environment with our top-notch school cleaning services, fostering a space where students thrive.


    Elevate your community living with our comprehensive strata cleaning services, ensuring pristine and well-maintained shared spaces for all residents to enjoy.


    Revitalise your building's atmosphere with our professional cleaning services, dedicated to ensuring a spotless and inviting environment for all occupants.


    Enhance productivity and professionalism in your workspace with our meticulous office cleaning services, tailored for a pristine and inviting workplace.

    NDIS & Aged Care

    Experience exceptional care and cleanliness in your home with our specialized NDIS and residential cleaning services, where attention to detail meets a commitment to your well-being.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Revitalize your space with our carpet steam cleaning services, bringing a new level of freshness and cleanliness to every fiber.

    Windows Cleaning

    See the world more clearly through our expert window cleaning services, where clarity and brilliance meet with every streak-free pane.

    High Pressure Cleaning

    Transform surfaces with our high-pressure cleaning services, where the power of precision meets a spotless outcome, leaving your spaces revitalised.

    Strip and Seal /
    Hard Floor Scrubbing

    Unveil the true beauty of your floors with our expert strip and reseal, and hard floor scrubbing cleaning services, providing a gleaming, revitalized look for your spaces.

    Restaurant Cleaning

    Elevate your dining experience with our meticulous restaurant cleaning services, ensuring a spotless and inviting atmosphere for both patrons and staff.

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