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How we operate and

ensure quality

Our Quality Management System(PDCA)

  • Our Quality Management System is governed by the master PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle that is tailored to each site in detail.
  • System or schedule is of no use if it’s not followed.
  • It is our promise that the PLAN presented to you is our COMMITMENT that we will use and follow without failing.
PDCA cycle



  • Listen carefully to client’s needs and concerns.
  • Use our expertise in discussion with client.
  • Set clear scope and key areas.
  • Identify optimal and cost effective solution.


  • Internal Discussion.
  • Draft Work Procedure is developed.
  • Estimate is made upon a breakdown of labour, materials, other costs and company margin.
  • Proposal is presented outlining Team, Quality and Cost.


  • Contract is settled.
  • Draft – Work Procedure, Training, Materials, Checklist, Audit Report, Issue Management, Communication Management pack is developed and presented.
  • A dedicated supervisor is allocated.
  • Cleaner(s) are allocated.


Week 1 to 2

  • Dedicated supervisor team does the work initially to fully understand each site.
  • Efficient work procedures / methods are developed and updated to the Work Procedures Manual.
  • Detailed initial cleaning is done as required.
  • Cleaning Pack is finalised including Work Procedure, Training Manual, Checklist & Audit Report.
  • Frequent communication with client and site visit(s).

Week 2 to 3

  • Cleaner(s) are allocated and full training is provided.
  • Cleaning is checked by the dedicated supervisor every day for a minimum one to two weeks.
  • Frequent communication with client and site visit continues.

Week 4 +

  • Team is settled with confidence and regular maintenance starts.
  • Cleaners use checklist.
  • Continue monitoring quality using CHECK cycle.


Assure Quality

  • Cleaning Pack / Quality Assurance System is in place.
  • Supervisor visits the site on an agreed schedule (normally every 2 to 4 weeks) for inspection.
  • Site Manager visits the site on an agreed schedule (normally once a month) for inspection and meeting with client.
  • Checklist, Inspection Report & Audit Report are used, see some of the sample documents currently in use.
Check(PDCA) - maintain


Identify Issue

  • Issue identified from inspection or reported by client.
  • Issue recorded in inspection report / issue register and reported to management and client.

Develop Remedy Plan

  • Understand issue, discuss with cleaner(s).
  • Develop remedy plan – ‘Do what’, ‘Monitor how long’ and ‘Close if’.
  • Remedy plan may result in change of team or responsible cleaner.

Understand Issue

  • ‘Close if’ condition is met and issue is closed, recorded and reported.
  • Otherwise, continue until it’s satisfied as per Remedy Plan.
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